The Covid19 pandemic has impacted our lives. It changed our daily routime, threatened our financial security and health, impacted our work life. This naturally causes increased stress for many people and the demand for psychological support is growing.

Our philosophy

We want to contribute to making help available, so at the moment we consult online. We are also trying to remove barriers that keep people from getting a counsel: long waiting times, working hours, childcare...

How online counseling works

Sessions are conducted online from your home over Zoom. The therapist will send you a link. Online counseling is as efficient as meeting in person, but you can tackle your issues right away when you need it most. problémy řešit hned, když to nejvíce potřebujete.

Advantages of online counseling
  • You can consult with the therapist from anywhere. From home, from work, from a business trip or from vacation.
  • We strive to reduce the waiting times to a minimum.
  • 100% confidential.