My therapeutic style is based on process-oriented psychology. I try to connect different areas of life, such as relationship problems, physical symptoms or recurring night dreams, and finding the red threads of a story that emerges. Process-oriented psychology perceives what bothers us in life and disturbs us as a potential source of enrichment if we choose to seek a deeper meaning in it.

Conflicts in relationships, health problems, recurring patterns of behavior or dreams – these are impulses for change, for a more holistic and fuller life. We will explore what we are not doing well, but also areas from which we can draw energy to strengthen ourselves for the future journey.


My therapeutic style is based on the Person Centered Approcah. I try to explore perceptively what life puts in front of us. Often, I believe, the solutions are already there – within us. I approach every issue as a practical challenge, but also as an opportunity for personal growth. I also bear in mind the spiritual dimension building on my ongoing interest in Eastern and European spiritual traditions.

I strive in the session to make sure we step out of the usual train of thought. That we look behind the scenes of the present moment, do a deeper dive and get in touch with ourselves. To explore thoroughly and perhaps confront questions unasked or unpleasant.